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with all crypto games.

CMDGAMING&MECI is unlike any traditional metaverse platform – the team believes in revolutionizing the metaverse.

CMDGAMING&MECI’s ultimate goal is to create a world in which users own virtual assets in a decentralized virtual world that Leisure and economic activities.

Play a game to own your assets!

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Trading Exchanges

MECI coin can be traded on the BitForex Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Crypto Wallets

The Aladdin Pro Wallet is an archive wallet that provides easy-to-use, reliable digital asset storage, allowing users to keep cryptocurrency safe at all times.


MECI Coin stands for Meta Game City Coin, a blockchain-based online game and cryptocurrency used in the RNG world.

Our recent mobility

CMDGAMING&MECI has thousands of free online games for all generation. Play action, racing, sports, and other fun games for free at CMDGAMING&MECI

Our latest winners

Mukta won 2 minutes ago
on game of Mega Matrix


Shehwar won 2 minutes ago
on game of Royal Casino


Maria won 2 minutes ago
on game of Poker Club


Drubo won 2 minutes ago
on game of Slots 375


Jackpot trigger wins


Player ID: Mukta
Game: Jackpot Club


Player ID: Sraddha
Game: Jackpot Club


Player ID: Anushka
Game: Jackpot Club


Player ID: Genelia
Game: Jackpot Club

All Time Top Winners

Name: Mukta Martin
Game: Mega Matrix


Mukta won 2 minutes ago
on game of Mega Matrix


Mukta won 2 minutes ago
on game of Mega Matrix


Mukta won 2 minutes ago
on game of Mega Matrix


CMDGAMING&MECI - Where everything are
possible with crypto gaming

Partnered with CMDGAMING&MECI

CMDGAMING&MECI is working with a variety of validated partners. We will continue to expand our partners to strengthen our business.

Please ask a lot of questions of companies that want to cooperate.

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What is MECI ?

A place where you can experience everything that exists only in your imagination! Meta Game City (MECI) is a P2E game platform that can earn profits through various games on the metaverse platform, and users can enjoy online games through its own Mainnet with high processing speed and security.

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MECI offers a user-generated content ecosystem with a metaverse society. This means that users can create their own assets, content, and experiences while sharing them with a bigger society inside of the metaverse. With this concept, MECI aims to cultivate and encourage a community of creators, not just consumers.

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Meta Game City aims to capitalize on the emerging prosumer market that’s grown considerably well in the past few years. As such, a unique ecosystem is formed that is positioned to do exactly that. MECI’s ecosystem will focus on rewarding content creators and the monetization of these creations to further incentivize creators in the platform.

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